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If you have a STORE, WEBSITE and/or BUSINESS in America, be sure to sign up for an account and get listed in our search engine, ITS NOW 100% FREE and you get listed on our site and on other internet searches where your business and websites will appear by state, zip code, category, address, business name and description when anyone searchs for any piece of information!

America Where official Launch date is Nov 10, 2009, which is a special day for me, the author of and one of the founders of our company!

I LOVE AMERICA!   I built this site to show off the LEADING COMPANIES, WEBSITES, INDIVIDUALS ALL ACCROSS AMERICA that are outstanding and talented and make America the special country that it is and always will be! just recently received over $100,000 funding for software design to FULLY AUTOMATE THE ENTIRE PROCESS OF OUR SEARCH ENGINE!   And that software is now loaded on our site.  That's Right, we now have a FULLY 100% EASY AND IMMEDIATE WAY to let YOU SIGN IN and LIST YOUR OWN WEBSITES as well as allow visitors easy and automated access to immediate listings on our site and all accross the internet.

Our funding could not have come at a better time, when America is so much in the spotlight, and so many great American Business and Websites!

We already have so many diverse businesses and websites listed and the number is growing each hour as we opened up our automated system to EVERYONE!

I am very excied about this site, not only because its a great site, or because we received funding for huge improvements, no, I love America and I designed this site to showcase the many great American Businesses to the entire world! That's why I love


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Richard Buffone is an Entrepreneur and creator of many online and offline businesses, startups as well as award winning consultant for Fortune 500 Companies.


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